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Patrick “Patu” Polasek 

President & CEO

       Patu manages the DynastyWise podcast as an executive producer and on screen personality.  He has spent twenty years in the fantasy arena, playing his first league back in the "pen and paper" days. He's been hooked ever since! Over the last twelve years, he has championed multiple leagues, and has developed an analysis process to help other fantasy players with Team, Start’em and Draft analysis.


       Patrick was born and raised in Spring, Texas - leaving only to spend four years in the US Army as a Watercraft Operator and Operations NCOIC. He also spent almost a year in Alaska, working on the Alaskan Roads project. After his honorable discharge, he turned his career to oil and gas - working his way up from a “hand” in the patch to a upper management roles. This experience only served to assist him in the start up and rise of DynastyWise, LLC franchise. Patu is active in the community working with local small businesses and charities. His excitement and passion for his work continues to grow each year. 


       Patu carries an extremely optimistic personality and enjoys sharing ideas in sports, business, and politics. He currently resides in the Houston area, and is a firm believer that Houston is the new “melting pot” of the United States in terms of both culture and cuisine. He hopes to move further into the sports arena ,with plans of helping others grow through the sharing of ideas and solutions in support of the need of sports information.  

Chris Kennedy

Chief Editor

         Chris Kennedy, a Martha's Vineyard native, has been playing fantasy football for over twenty years. Like the rest of the DynastyWise team, he has won multiple league championships each season. He's currently a Fantasy Football Analyst for The Fantasy Headliners, as well as a member of DynastyWise Sports, and Co-Host of The Fantasy Wolfpack Show.

         He has twenty years of successful experience in season-long fantasy football leagues, along with over five years of successful DFS experience. His goal is to help others gain the same advantages that he has. He has not only competed against friends and colleagues, but also folks considered to be experts in the industry – and has held his own against them all. He even appeared on the NFL Network to give his personal picks. Whether you play for money, for fun, or just for bragging rights, let’s face it – “you play to win the game!”

Jeff  "jeffro" McLeroy


Jeffro McLeroy is a sports enthusiast, with a deep passion for football. He's been working in the fantasy football field since the mid-1990s, and much of his expertise lies in the off-season. His Mock Drafts are some of the highest-rated and most successful in the field.

Jeffro's blog posts are sharp and to-the-point, but always with a sense of a humor. He prides himself on his direct approach, and on giving his readers what he wants: the information! Wasting time on long introductions is just that - a waste of time. 

Clay Moore

Meet Clay Moore, as in Gimme Moore Fantasy Points.

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